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Terms and Conditions of B.Brady Skills Training Academy

By becoming a client of B.Brady Skills Training Academy, you agree to the following terms.


  • Refund Policy- We offer no refunds for any reason or circumstance. Our program has limited availability and each spot of sought after. We often have a evaluating process for our training to see if player and parents are the right fit for the program. All sales are final.

  • Reschedule Policy/Vacation Policy- As noted on the Parent/Player agreement form, Coach Brady has a possible scheduled vacation policy every 90 days and will be absent for 7 days. You will always receive a notification 3 weeks in advance if so and workouts that week will be reoffered to players before Coach Brady departs.

  • Severe Weather Policy- If there is severe weather the session may be rescheduled upon Coach Brady’s decision

  • Missed Session Policy- Players are desired to attend each workout on the schedule. If you miss a session, there will be more set sessions during week and month. If a player misses a session player are to resume to their off the court training and homework assigned by Coach Brady.

  • Player Conduct Policy- All players are required to show up 5 minutes before each session to warmup with proper basketball attire. We do not accept players who are disrespectful or dishonest with completing homework assignments at home.

  • Payment Policy- By committing to our  6 or 12 month agreement, you agree with the signed contract that you can commit to the entire commitment. We have a monthly automated system that charges your credit/debit card every 30 days. If your credit or debit card fails, our system will prompt you to replace your card within a 48 hour period.

  • Early Contract Termination Policy- If you choose to cancel during the 12 month contract, you can cancel anytime by notifying Coach Brady at By canceling the contract, you understand Coach Brady’s early termination policy:


Early Termination


You can opt out of and cancel your contract anytime by paying Coach Brady’s Skills Training Academy a $800 early termination fee. Paying the fee will cancel any upcoming payment and once the $800 fee is paid, all sessions will come to a close.


  • Recurring Monthly Fees- By committing to our  6 or 12 month program, you agree to our 30 day recurring payment plan.

  • End of Contract & Renewal Policy- If you would like to STOP training after our contract is complete, simply email us at to let Coach Brady know 30 days before the final session that you will be discontinuing in the program. If you do not communicate with Coach Brady 30 days before the final session, you agree to continue in the program beyond the agreement (meaning we hold your spot in the program) and you will continue to train in the program.

  • By becoming a customer of B.Brady Skills Training Academy, I agree to the terms. I have signed a contact stating that I have reviewed this page in depth and agree to Coach Brady’s terms and conditions.

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